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Kelly Lee's Summary : Bauman's Coordinated Action Pertaining to Cordova's Appointment to National Science Board

The key to a resolution of the Calvin cycle, a/k/a the FBI PX 45 request before the House Oversight Subcommittee, is IDR (Indiana Department of Revenue) outside counsel Bob Bauman's coordinated action with Justice Frank Sullivan and Tom Busch, a state judge, as it pertains to Cordova's appointment to the National Science Board.  The resolution should unravel the patterned racketeer activity for implementing the Kyrouac Agreement summarized below by AOUSC's Kelly Lee as an elaboration of her answer to the author Francie K. Fong's inquiry of 5-22-09 directed to DOJ (Tax) Chief Mullarkey (see, Emergency Motion (5-26-09) at 4):
  • "You potentially have knowledge of things I do not but need, like, the names of the persons who made Dr. Beering and Dr. Cordova respectively the chair and member of the National Science Board (NSB), sitting in oversight over a former lesser officer from Purdue as the Director of the National Science Foundation.  Purdue as a research institution is third-tier.  There are hundreds of such institutions.  More narrowly focused, your knowledge translates to that as to why Mr. Rudolph and you have failed to respond to my FOIA requests germane to my recovery of my domain,, for funding a national workshop in aid of GAO's review of the DSF [Darksite Funding Scheme] committed by Keith Luse (Lugar)."
This inquiry originated from NSF OIG Senior Counsel Monte Fisher's reference to a murder plot, Richard A. Posner's order of the MacLauchlan contract, for Cordova's appointment to the NSB.  A key to that appointment is PEFCU outside counsel Andy Gutwein's report on the two NFTL's.

From the summer of 1998 through the winter of 2003-04, Systems Accountant Mike Eisert of the AOUSC's accounting division corresponded with Fong.  See, Francis K. Fong: 976 F.2d 735, a Report from AOUSC.  Of this correspondence, the two letters by Eisert dated 7-10-98 and 11-21-03 are of particular significance.  AOUSC accountant Kelly Lee's further input, updated here to include Fong's IRS internal assistant Heiskell's corroboration of a TIGTA (Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration) connection, one "Robert Quigly," PEFCU outside counsel Andy Gutwein's uncoerced declarations, Nationwide Insurance outside counsel Scott M. Kyrouac's explantion of the Kyraouc Agreement and IDR (Indiana Department of Revenue) Deputy General Counsel Doug Klitzke's input, is summarized as follows:
  1. In 1973, AOUSC executives withrew from a Treasury account the $48,903.81 absent the Sec. 2042 order.  Two decades later, DOJ (Tax) Chief Mullarkey abbreviated the PX 45 tape to remove the 1996 report, a/k/a the December return, from IRS's administrative file.  This culminated in Communications Director Canipe's submission of the FBI PX 45 request, a/k/a, the Calvin cycle, for investigation by the House Oversight Subcommittee.  Three decades later, to render impotent that investigation, Richard A. Posner did as follows.  He installed Steve Beering and France Cordova on the National Science Board in control of its Oversight Committee to render impotent OIG's investigation instituted by its AIG (Criminal) Peggy Fischer, and ordered Tippecanoe Superior Court 2 (Thomas Busch) in implementing the Kyrouac Agreement to record Notice(s) of Federal Tax Lien (NFTL's) [FOIA production at Document B].  In support of Fisher's response to the 1996 report, Dale Margerum coordinted "an enterprise" for an "NSF-funded photosynthesis center" to distribute on the Web material and make threats of death and other things directed at Fong and his friends and family, as reported in the Hunter complaint.              
  2. In 1974 N.D.Ind. District Court transferred the $48,903.81 to the federal registry in South Bend (docket entry for 4-25-74) and, then, the John Doe Trust at the Mercantile National Bank in Hammond, see, state court's order at 7, paragraph 3 - at all relevant times under the control of Purdue trustees president Don Powers and the U.S. Attorney, Hunt Submissions at 79.  In 1978, Richard A. Posner used Dale W. Margerum's local connections in West Lafayette to dock the $48,903.81 at PEFCU ("the Posner-Margerum transfer") to pay the Woodmar recipients in furtherance of the Calvin cycle;
  3. West Lafayette city attorney Bob Bauman coordinated action with Indiana Associate Justice Frank Sullivan, Jr. and Tom Busch, a local Lafayette trial judge, to hire MacLuachlan's shooter, a former CIA agent and an employee of IRS's office in Terre Haute involved in the drug-trafficking across the Indiana-Illinois stateline, see, Hunter's complaint, Document A, of IRS Chicago Disclosure Office's production of 9-9-05, to eliminate Don MacLauchlan as the United States' witness in the GAO review committed 10-30-89 by Senator Lugar's office (State Director Keith Luse), Hunt Submissions at 25. 
  4. To implement the Kyrouac Agreement, Bobby Hunt's staff in Washington through Busch had the West Lafayette Post Office staff take matter from Fong's U.S. mail to Hunt to record the NFTL's and remove the 1996 report for Sullivan to mail "the order," Praecipe (8-3-09) at Exhibit 1, with which to supplant the Indiana Supreme Court's "Alternative Writ of Mandamus," ibid. at Exhibit 2, which directed the Tippecanoe Superior Court 2 (Busch) to file a report on the MacLauchlan murder.   
On 2-20-09, Fong directed a FOIA request by letter with related state tax issues to DOJ (Tax) Chief D. Patrick Mullarky.  The letter was copied to Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels.

In response, on 2-21-09, Klitzke wrote and, on 2-2-10, proceeded to address the state tax issues arising from Purdue President France Cordova's finding.  His input as to Bauman's connections as city counsel for West Lafayette Mayor Sonya Margerum filled in a fact detail of Lee's four-point summary, which led Bobby Hunt to order Rev. Agt. Hunt Jr.'s submissions.  Important among these submissions are the audio files, Documentations A and B, which define Treasury's authorization for Fong's detection of the Calvin cycle.

For an overview of Lee's summary pertaining to the Kyrouac Agreement, as specialized to DOJ (Tax) Chief Mullarkey, see, Defendant Fong's Report to Bobby Hunt.   

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